2006 Publications

The following table lists the Publications that resulted from work the consortium partners did in the first year of operations.

DatesDetailsPartner responsible involvedLink
06/06/2006Paper submitted and accepted at annual HealthGrid conference, Valencia (E), June 6-9, 2006: “Health-e-Child: An Integrated Biomedical Platform for Grid-Based Paediatrics”. (Authors: Jörg Freund, Dorin Comaniciu, Yannis Ioannidis, Peiya Liu, Richard McClatchey, Edwin Morley- Fletcher, Xavier Pennec, Giacomo Pongiglione and Xiang Zhou.)ConsortiumLink to Paper
October 2006E. Jimenez-Ruiz, R. Berlanga, I. Sanz, R. McClatchey, R. Danger, D. Manset, J. Paraire and A. Rios: The Management and Integration of Biomedical Knowledge: Application in the Health-e-Child Project, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol. 4278 pp 1062-1067 ISBN 3-540-48273-3 Springer-Verlag, 2006. (Proc of the 1st International Workshop on Ontology Content and Evaluation in Enterprises. OTM 2006.ConsortiumLink to Paper
31/10/2006Paper submitted and accepted at OnToContent Workshop 2006, Montpellier (F) – 31/10/2006 “The Management and Integration of Biomedical Knowledge in a Grid Architecture: Application in the Health-e-Child Project.” (authors: E. Jimenez-Ruiz, R. Berlanga, I. Sanz, R. McClatchey, R. Danger, D. Manset, J. Paraire, A. Rios.)Maat GKnowledge (16)Link to Paper
26/11/2006Major write-up published in “Medical Solutions: Changing the Way Healthcare is Delivered” periodical magazine of Siemens Medical Solutions distributed during RSNA 2006, annual conference of the Radiology Society of North America (Chicago, 26/11 – 1/12 2006)Siemens (01)Link to Paper