2009/10 Publications

The following table contains a list of HeC publications so far from the start of 2009 up until the end of the project in 2010

DatesDetailsPartner responsible involvedLink
2009Y. Zheng, B. Georgescu, H. Lingm S.K. Zhou, M. Scheuering, D. Comaniciu: Constrained Marginal Space Learning for Efficient 3D Anatomical Structure Detection in Medical Images, IEEE Int’l Conf. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Miami, Florida, 2009Siemens (01)Link to Paper
2009Voigt, R. Ionasec, B. Georgescu, H. Houle, M. Huber, J. Hornegger, D. Comaniciu: Model-Driven Physiological Assessment of the Mitral Valve from 4D TEE, SPIE Medical Imaging, Orlando, FL, 2009Siemens (01)Link to Paper
2009Circulation 2009; 119(23):2995-3001 “Comparison of bare metal stenting and PPVI for treatment of RVOT obstruction: Utilization of an X-ray/MR hybrid lab for acute physiological comparison” (Authors: Lurz, P., Nordmeyer, J., Muthurangu, V., Khambadkone, S., Derrick, G., Yates, R., Sury, M., Bonhoeffer, P., Taylor, A.M.)UCL (05)Link to Paper
2009EHJ 2009; 30(17):2147-54 “Quantitative assessment of homograft function one year after insertion into pulmonary position – Impact of in-situ homograft geometry on valve competence” (Authors: Nordmeyer, J., Tsang, V., Gaudin, R., Lurz, P., Frigiola, A., Jones, A., Schievano, S., van Doorn, C., Bonhoeffer, P, Taylor, A.M.)UCL (05)Link to Paper
2009EHJ 2009; 30(18):2266-74 “Improvement in bare metal stenting filling properties after relief of right ventricle to pulmonary artery conduit obstruction – contribution of septal motion and interventricular mechanical delay”  (Authors: Lurz, P., Puranik, R., Nordmeyer, J., Muthurangu, V., Hansen, M.S., Schievano, S., Marek, J., Bonhoeffer, P., Taylor, A.M.)UCL (05)Link to Paper
2009Lurz P, Puranik R, Nordmeyer J, Muthurangu V, Hansen MS, Schievano S, Marek J, Bonhoeffer P, Taylor AM. Improvement in left ventricular filling properties after relief of right ventricle to pulmonary artery conduit obstruction – contribution of septal motion and interventricular mechanical delay. EHJ 2009; 30(18):2266-74UCL (05)Link to Paper
2009Heart 2009; 95(8):646-50 “Immediate clinical and haemodynamic benefits of restoration of pulmonary valvar competence in patients with pulmonary hypertension” (Authors: Lurz, P., Nordmeyer, J., Coats, L., Taylor, A.M., Bonhoeffer, P., Schulze-Neick, I.)UCL (05)Link to Paper
2009Journal of Computational Biology “A Regularized Method for Selecting Nested Group of Genes from Microarray Data”  (Authors: De Mol, C., Mosci, S., Traskine, M., Verri, A.)DISI (11)Link to Paper
2009Published in Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging; “Feasibility and reproducibility of biventricular volumetric assessment of cardiac function during exercise using real-time radial k-t SENSE magnetic resonance imaging”  (Authors: Lurz, Philipp; Muthurangu, Vivek; Schievano, Silvia;  Nordmeyer, Johannes; Bonhoeffer, Philipp;  Taylor, Andrew M.;  Hansen, Michael S. PhD)UCL (05)Link to Paper
2009Published in  Proceedings of the 2009 International Database Engineering & Applications Symposium “Managing the mappings between domain ontologies and database schemas when formulating relational queries”  (Authors: Munir, Kamran; Odeh, Mohammed and McClatchey, Richard)UWE (09)Link to Paper
2009Zero-In: Building Insights, Breaking Boundaries, Issue 2, Magazine of the BELIEF-II (Bringing Europe’s eLectronic Infrastructures to Expanding Frontiers – Phase II) EU FP7 project “AITION: A Scalable Data Mining Platform for Medical Applications”  (Authors: Dimitropoulos, H., Metaxas, Omiros and Tsangaris, Manolis M.)UoA (10)Link to Paper
2009Lurz P, Gaudin R, Taylor AM, Bonhoeffer P. Percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation. Semin Thorac Cardiovasc Surg Pediatr Card Surg Annu. 2009:112-7UCL (05)Link to Paper
2009Lurz P, Bonhoeffer P, Taylor AM. Percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation: an update. Expert Review of Cardiovascular Therapy 2009: 7(7):823-33UCL (05)Link to Paper
2009R. Ionasec, Y. Wang, B. Georgescu, I. Voigt, N. Navab, D. Comaniciu: Robust Motion Estimation using Trajectory Spectrum Learning: Application to Aortic and Mitral Valve Modeling from 4D TEE, IEEE Int’l Conf. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Kyoto, Japan, 2009Siemens (01)Link to Paper
Jan 2009R. Ionasec, A. Tsymbal, D. Vitanovski, B. Georgescu, S.K, Zhou, N. Navab, D. Comaniciu: Shape-Based Diagnosis of the Aortic Valve, SPIE Medical Imaging, Orlando, FL, 2009. OralSiemens (01)Link to Paper
Jan 2009Y. Zheng, X. Lu, B. Georgescu, A. Littmann, E. Mueller, D. Comaniciu: Automatic Left Ventricle Detection in MR Images Using Marginal Space Learning and Component-Based Voting, SPIE Medical ImagingSiemens (01)Link to Paper
February 2009Computational Management Science “Feature selection for high-dimensional data”  (Authors: Destrero, A., Mosci, S.,De Mol, C., Verri, A.)DISI (11)Link to PDF
February 2009Journal of Machine Learning Research “On learning with Integral Operators” (Authors: Rosasco, L., Belkin, M., De Vito, E.)DISI (11)Link to Paper
February 2009“Modeling Glioma Growth and Personalizing Growth Models in Medical Images” by Konukoglu, Ender. PhD Thesis, Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis, February 2009.INRIA (12)Link to PDF
March 2009Project of the Month for eHealth online magazineLynk (1), FGG (16)Link to Website
April 2009Journal of Complexity “Elastic-net regularization in learning theory”  (Authors: De Mol, C., De Vito, E., Rosasco, L.)DISI (11)Link to Paper
May 2009Advances in Computational Mathematics “c for L_r-convergence of empirical processes” (Authors: Caponnetto, A., De Vito, E., Pontil, M.)UCL (05)Link to Paper
May 2009“On the Pervasive Adoption of Grid Technologies: A Grid Operating System”, Chapter XVI of the Handbook of Research on Grid Technologies and Utility Computing: Concepts for Managing Large-Scale Applications. ISBN 978-1-60566-184-1 IGI Global Publishers,  (Authors: Habib, Irfan, Anjum, Ashiq and McClatchey, Richard)UWE (09)Link to Book
May 2009Chapter XXIV of the Handbook of Research on Computational Grid Technologies for Life Sciences, Biomedicine and Healthcare. ISBN 978-1-60566-374-6 IGI Global Publishers, “Gridifying Biomedical Applications in the Health-e-Child Project”  (Authors: Manset, D., Pourraz, F., Tsymbal, A., Revillard, J., Skaburskas, K., McClatchey, R., Anjum, A., Rios, A. and Huber, M.)UWE (09), Maat (16)Link to Book
May 2009J Magn Reson Imaging 2009; 29(5):1062-1070 “Feasibility and reproducibility of biventricular volumetric assessment of cardiac function during exercise using real-time radial k-t SENSE magnetic resonance imaging”  (Authors: Lurz P., Muthurangu V., Schievano S., Nordmeyer J., Bonhoeffer P., Taylor A.M., Hansen M.S.)UCL (05)Link to Paper
May/June 2009“Semantic Matching using the UMLS” (Authors: Shamdasani, J., Hauer, T., Bloodsworth, P., Branson, A., Odeh, M. and McClatchey, R.) Springer 2009, ISBN 978-3-642-02120-6 (Proceedings of the 6th European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2009). Heraklion, Crete, Greece.)UWE (09)Link to Paper
June 2009Archives de Pédiatrie – Congrès des Sociétés Françaises Médico-chirurgicales Pédiatriques “Simulation personnalisée de replacements valvulaires pulmonaires grâce à l’utilisation d’un modèle mathématique du coeur.” Archives de Pédiatrie – Congrès des Sociétés Françaises Médico-chirurgicales Pédiatriques,”  (Authors: Mansi, Tommaso; André, Barbara; Sermesant, Maxime; Delingette, Hervé; Ayache, Nicholas and Boudjemline, Younes)INRIA (12)Link to Paper
3-5/6/2009“Physically-Constrained Diffeomorphic Demons for the Estimation of 3D Myocardium Strain from Cine-MRI”  (Authors: Mansi, Peyrat, Sermesant, Delingette, Blanc, Boudjemline, Ayache) In Proc. of Functional Imaging and Modelling of the Heart 2009 (FIMH’09), volume 5528 of LNCS, pp. 201-210, 9INRIA (12)Link to PDF
18/6/2009Heart 2010; 96:304-308 “Longterm Functional Outcomes After the Ross (Pulmonary Autograft) Procedure”  (Authors: Puranik, R., Tsang, V.T., Broadley, A., Nordmeyer, J., Lurz, P., Muthialu, N., Derrick, G., Walker, F., Cullen, S., de Leval, M., Bonhoeffer, P., Taylor, A.M., Muthurangu, V.)UCL (05)Link to Paper
August 2009ETE Technical Review 2009;Vol 26 No. 5 pp 363-368 “Rule-Based Querying of Distributed, Heterogeneous Data” (Authors: Lansdale, Tom; Bloodsworth, Peter; Anjum, Ashiq; Habib, Irfan; Mehmood, Yasir and McClatchey, Richard)UWE (09)Link to Paper
August 2009“A Middleware Agnostic Infrastructure for Neuro-imaging Analysis”  (Authors: Mehmood, Yasir; Habib, Irfan; Bloodsworth, Peter; Anjum, Ashiq; Lansdale, Tom; McClatchey, Richard and The neuGRID Consortium) Proceedings of the 22nd IEEE International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS 2009). Albuquerque, USA.UWE (09)Link to Paper
August 2009Proceedings of the MICCAI-GRID 2009 Workshop “Automatic Annotation of 3D Multi-Modal MR Images on a Desktop Grid” (Authors: Basso, C., Ferrante, M., Santoro, M.,Verri, A.)DISI (11)Link to Paper
 September 2009T. Mansi, S. Durrleman, B. Bernhardt, M. Sermesant, H. Delingette, I. Voigt, P. Lurz, A. M. Taylor, J. Blanc, Y. Boudjemline, X. Pennec, and N. Ayache: A Statistical Model of Right Ventricle in Tetralogy of Fallot for Prediction of Remodelling and Therapy Planning, Proc. of Medical Image Comp. and Comp. Assisted Intervention (MICCAI’09), volume 5761 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, London, UK, pages 214-221, Springer. INRIA (12)Link to Paper
2-6/9/2009Invited paper submitted to EMBC 2009, the 31st IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference “The Neighbourhood Graph for Clinical Case Retrieval and Decision Support within Health-e-Child CaseReasoner” (Authors: Tsymbal, A., Zhou, S.K., Huber, M.)Siemens (01)Link to Paper
2-6/9/2009“Dataflow optimization for Grid & Cloud Architectures”.  Accepted in IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin.UoA (10)Link to PDF
2-6/9/2009IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging: From Nano to Macro “Segmentation of inflamed synovia in multi-modal 3D MRI”  (Authors: Basso, C., Santoro, M., Verri, A., Esposito, M.)DISI (11)Link to PDF
2-6/9/2009“Segmentation of Inflamed Synovia in Multi-Modal MRI”  (Authors: Basso, Santoro, Verri, Esposito) In Proc. of IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging 2009 Link:DISI (11)Link to PDF
20-24/9/2009Int’l Conf. Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention, (MICCAI’09), London, UK “Personalized Pulmonary Trunk Modeling for Intervention Planning and Valve Assessment Estimated from CT Data”  (Authors: Vitanovski, D., Ionasec, R., Georgescu, B., Huber, M., Taylor, A., Hornegger, J., Comaniciu, D.)Siemens (01), UCL (05)Link to Paper
20-24/9/2009R. Ionasec, I. Voigt, B. Georgescu, Y. Wang, H. Houle, J. Hornegger, N. Navab, D. Comaniciu: Personalized Modelling and Assessment of the Aortic-Mitral Valve Coupling from 4D TEE and CT, Int’l Conf. Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention, (MICCAI’09), London, UK, 2009, Best Poster Session AwardSiemens (01)Link to Paper
23-24/9/2009Proc. of Medical Image Comp. and Comp. Assisted Intervention (MICCAI’09), LNCS 5761, pages 297-304, Springer “Spatiotemporal Atlas Estimation for Developmental Delay Detection in Longitudinal Datasets”  (Authors: Durrleman, S., Pennec, X., Trouvé, A., Gerig, G. and Ayache, N.)INRIA, (12)Link to PDF
23-24/9/2009Vitanovski D, Ionasec RI, Georgescu B, Huber M, Taylor AM, Hornegger J, Comaniciu D. Personalized pulmonary trunk modelling for intervention planning and valve assessment estimated from CT data. Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv Int Conf. (MICCAI) 2009; 11(Pt1):17-25UCL (05), Siemens (01)Link to Paper
23-24/9/2009Mansi T, Durrleman S, Bernhardf B, Sermesant M, Delingette H, Voigt I, Lurz P, Taylor AM, Blanc J, Boudjemline Y, Pennec X, Ayache N. Correlating currents-based shape parameters of the right ventricle with clinical variables: Application to tetrology of Fallot. Med Image Comput Assist Interv Int Conf. (MICCAI) 2009; 11(Pt1):214-221UCL (05), Inria (12)Link to PDF
07-2009Proceedings of Information Processing in Medical Imaging (IPMI’09), volume 5636 of LNCS, pages 114-125, 2009. “Statistical Model of White Matter Fiber Bundles based on Currents.” (Authors: Durrleman, Stanley; Fillard, Pierre; Pennec, Xavier; Trouvé, Alain; Ayache, Nicholas).INRIA, (12)Link to PDF
October 2009MICCAI 2009 “Fast and Robust 3-D MRI Brain Structure Segmentation” (Authors: Wels, Michael;  Zheng, Yefeng;  Carneiro, Gustavo; Huber, Martin;  Hornegger, Joachim)Siemens (01)Link to PDF
October 2009Michael Wels, Yefeng Zheng, Gustavo Carneiro, Martin Huber, Joachim Hornegger: Fast and Robust 3-D MRI Brain Structure Segmentation, MICCAI 2009.Siemens (01)Link to PDF
15/10/2009BMC Genomics, 2009 “The l1-l2 regularization framework unmasks the hypoxia signature hidden in the transcriptome of a set of heterogeneous neuroblastoma cell lines”  (Authors: Fardin, P., Barla, A., Mosci, S., Rosasco, L., Verri, A.)DISI (11)Link to Paper
November 2009Published in the American Society of Echocardiography “Health-e-Child Project: Mechanical Dyssynchrony in Children with Dilated Cardiomyopathy”  (Authors: Labombarda, Fabien; Blanc, Julie; Pellissier, Arnaud; Stos, Bertrand; Gaillard, Cathy; Bajolle, Fanny; Maltret, Alice; Sidi, Daniel;  Bonnet, Damien and Boudjemline, Younes)APHP (04)Link to PDF
November 2009“Virtual Pulmonary Valve Replacement Interventions with a Personalised Cardiac Electromechanical Model”, Mansi, T., Andre, B., Lynch, M., Sermesant, M., Delingette, H., Boudjemline, Y., Ayache, N. in Recent Advances in the 3D Physiological Human. Springer, 2009, p.75-90.INRIA (12)Link to PDF
November 2009“Ontology-driven Relational Query Formulation Using the Semantic and Assertion Capabilities of OWL-DL Domain Ontologies”. Submitted to the Journal on Data Semantics. ISBN: 978-3-540-20407-7. Springer Publishers 2009  (Authors: Munir, Kamran; Odeh, Mohammed and McClatchey, Richard)UWE (09)Link to Paper
2009Durrleman, Stanley; Pennec, Xavier; Trouvé, Alain and Ayache, Nicholas “Statistical Models on Sets of Curves and Surfaces based on Currents”. Medical Image Analysis, 13(5):793-808, October 2009INRIA (12)Link to Paper
2009Konukoglu, Ender. “Modeling Glioma Growth and Personalizing Growth Models in Medical Images”. PhD Thesis, Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis, February 2009.INRIA (12)Link to PDF
December 2009 – February 2010Two part special report in HeC entitled “Software for solving life-threatening medical puzzles” in research*eu results supplement”.FGG (15)Link to Part 1 Link to Part 2
2010E.Konukoglu, O. Clatz, P.Y. Bondiau, H. Delingette and N. Ayache, “Extrapolating glioma invasion margin in brain magnetic resonance images: suggesting new irradiation margins”, Medical Image Analysis, 14:111-125, 2010.INRIA (12)Link to Paper
2010Ender Konukoglu, Clatz, Olivier; Menze, Bjoern H.; Weber, Marc-André; Stieltjes, Bram; Mandonnet, Emmanuel; Delingette, Hervé and Ayache, Nicholas: Image Guided Personalization of Reaction-Diffusion Type Tumor Growth Models Using Modified Anisotropic Eikonal Equations, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 29(1):77-95, 2010.INRIA (12)Link to PDF
2010Tommaso Mansi, Xavier Pennec, Maxime Sermesant, Hervé Delingette, and Nicholas Ayache. LogDemons Revisited: Consistent Regularisation and Incompressibility Constraint for Soft Tissue Tracking in Medical Images. In Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI’10), Beijing, China, September 2010.INRIA (12)Link to PDF
2010Grbic, S., Ionasec, R., Georgescu, B., Navab, N. and Comanciu, D.: Complete Valvular Heart Apparatus Model from 4D Cardiac CT,Siemens (01)Link to Paper
2010Rheumatology, 2010 “Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging in the assessment of disease activity in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis”  (Authors: Malattia, C., Damasio, B., Verri, A., Magnaguagno, F., Viola, S.)IGG (03)Link to Paper
2010MICCAI 2010 “Cross-modality Assessment and Planning for Pulmonary Trunk Treatment using CT and MRI Imaging”  (Authors: Vitanovski, D., Ionasec, R., Georgescu, B., Hornegger, J. and Comaniciu, D)Siemens (01)Link to Paper
2010Puranik R, Tsang VT, Broadley A, Nordmeyer J, Lurz P, Muthialu N, Derrick G, Walker F, Cullen S, de Leval M, Bonhoeffer P, Taylor AM, Muthurangu V. Long-term Functional Outcomes After the Ross (Pulmonary Autograft) Procedure. Heart 2010; 96:304-308UCL (05)Link to Paper
2010Voigt, I., Ionasec, R., Georgescu, B., Boese, J. and Comaniciu, D.: Computational Decision Support and Intraoperative Guidance for Percutaneous Aortic Valve Implantation,Siemens (01)Link to Paper
2010Wang, B. Georgescu, H. Houle, D. Comaniciu: Learning-Based 3D Myocardial Motion Flow Estimation using High Frame Rate Volumetric Ultrasound Data, IEEE Int’l Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2010.Siemens (01)Link to Paper
2010 in pressAJR; “Non-invasive assessment of great vessel stents with MRI and dual energy CT – An in-vitro comparison of diagnostic power” (Authors: Nordmeyer, J., Gaudin, R., Tann, O.R., Philipp, C., Lurz, P., Bonhoeffer, P., Taylor, A.M., Muthurangu, V.)UCL (05)Not Available Yet
January 2010EuroIntervetions 2010; 5:745-750 (*Contributed equally to this manuscript and are designated joint first authors) “First-in-man implantation of a novel percutaneous valve – A new approach to medical device development” (Authors: Schievano, S.*, Taylor, A.M.*, Capelli, C., Coats, L,. Walker, F., Lurz, P., Nordmeyer, J., Wright, S., Khambadkone, S., Tsang, V., Carminati, M., Bonhoeffer, P.)UCL (05)Link to Paper
13-18/2/2010Accepted and camera-ready version submitted to be presented and published at SPIE MI 2010, International Medical Imagining Conference, to be held February 13-18, 2010 in San Diego, USA “Learning discriminative distance functions for valve retrieval and improved decision support in valvular heart disease”  (Authors: Voigt, I., Vitanovski, D., Ionasec, R. I.; Tsymbal, A., Georgescu, B., Zhou, S.K., Huber, M., Navab, M., Hornegger, J., Comaniciu, D.)Siemens (01)Link to Paper
March 2010Am J Cardiol 2010; 105(5):721-726 “Effect of Altering Pathologic Right Ventricular Loading Conditions by Percutaneous Pulmonary Valve Implantation on Exercise Capacity”  (Authors: Lurz, P., Giardini, A., Taylor, A.M., Nordmeyer, J., Muthurangu, V., Odendaal, D., Mist, B., Khambadkone, S., Schievano, S., Bonhoeffer, P., Derek, G.)UCL (05)Link to Paper
2010, MarchDurrleman, S. “Statistical models of currents for measuring the variability of anatomical curves, surfaces and their evolution” Thèse de sciences (PhD Thesis), Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, 2010.INRIA (12)Link to PDF
3/3/2010J. Biomech 2010; 43(4):687-93 “Patient Specific Finite Element Analysis Results in More Accurate Prediction of Stent Fractures: Application to Percutaneous Pulmonary Valve Implantation”  (Authors: Schievano, S., Taylor, A.M., Capelli, C., Lurz, P., Nordmeyer, J., Migliavacca, F., Bonhoeffer, P.)UCL (05)Link to Paper
April 2010Proceedings ESANN  “Learning how to grasp objects”  (Authors: Barla, Annalisa; Baldassarre, L., Noceti, Nicoletta; Odone, Francesca)DISI (11)Link to PDF
14-17/4/2010D. Comaniciu et al: Robust Ultrasound Image Analysis Using Learning, IEEE Int’l Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2010.Siemens (01)Link to Paper
6/5/2010R. Ionasec, I. Voigt, B. Georgescu, Y. Wang, H. Houle, F. Vega, N. Navab, D. Comaniciu: Patient-Specific Modeling and Quantification of the Aortic and Mitral valves from 4D Cardiac CT and TEE, IEEE Trans. Medical Imaging, 2010Siemens (01)Link to Paper
Submitted to 8th HealthGrid Conference, Paris June 2010“Research Traceability using Provenance Services for Biomedical Analysis” (Authors: Anjum, Ashiq; Bloodsworth, Peter; Branson,Andrew ; Habib, Irfan; McClatchey, Richard and the neuGRID Consortium)UWE (09)Link to Paper
11/7/2010Three papers submitted to ESPR2010: -Müller et al, Development of the wrist. Normal standards based on MRI for 6-15 year-old, ESPR2010 (Winner of Jacque Le Fevre best paper ESPR 2010) -Boavida et al Carpal erosions in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis as assessed on MRI: repeatability of a novel scoring system -Damasio et al Proposal of an MRI synovitis score in juvenile idiopathic arthritis: inter and intra observer reliability in a multicentre studyUCL (05)Not Available Yet
In PressNordmeyer J, Gaudin R, Tann OR, Lurz P, Bonhoeffer P, Taylor AM, Muthurangu V. Non-invasive assessment of great vessel stents with MRI and dual energy CT – An in-vitro comparison of diagnostic power. AJR; in pressUCL (05)Not Available Yet