3RD EGEE Awards

Demonstration Success for the Health-e-Child Development Team

The Health-e-Child development team demonstrated its achievements at the Third EGEE Users Forum in Clermont-Ferrand in France in February 2008, where it was the only demonstration to be awarded the “best live demo”.

Represented by Jerome Revillard and David Manset of HeC partner maat gKnowledge, the project took home the prize for the demonstration of the HeC Gateway and Case Reasoner, a concrete implementation and use-case of a gLite-based healthgrid for European paediatrics. Specifically, the presentation simulated a clinician logging in to the platform and gLitebased grid infrastructure in order to analyse patient data.

This application is the stepping stone for the HeC decision support applications, which constituted the second stage of the demonstration, namely the CaseReasoner, together with its visualization components.

Thanks to its best demonstration award at the recently held 3rd EGEE User Forum in Clermont-Ferrand (FR), Health-e-Child received some special coverage as “Link of the week” in the March 5th issue of International Science Grid This Week (iSGTW). In the article David Manset, director ofbiomedical applications at maat Gknowledge was quoted as saying “EGEE plays an active and invaluable role by supporting the HeC community in better understanding how best to use gLite, how to gridify biomedical applications and stay up to pace with ongoing developments”.

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