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There is a compelling demand for the integration and exploitation of heterogeneous biomedical information for improved clinical practice, medical research, and personalised healthcare for the citizens of the EU.


The Health-e-Child project aims at developing an integrated healthcare platform for European paediatrics, providing seamless integration of traditional and emerging sources of biomedical information. The long-term goal of the project is to provide uninhibited access to universal biomedical knowledge repositories for personalised and preventive healthcare, large-scale information-based biomedical research and training, and informed policy making.


The Health-e-Child project focus will be on individualised disease prevention, screening, early diagnosis, therapy and follow-up of paediatric heart diseases, inflammatory diseases, and brain tumours.
The project will build a Grid-enabled European network of leading clinical centres that will share and annotate biomedical data, validate systems clinically, and diffuse clinical excellence across Europe by setting up new technologies, clinical workflows, and standard


  • To gain a comprehensive view of a child’s health by vertically integrating biomedical data, information, and knowledge, that spans the entire spectrum from genetic to clinical to epidemiological;
  • To develop a biomedical information platform, supported by sophisticated and robust search, optimisation, and matching techniques for heterogeneous information, empowered by the Grid;
  • To build enabling tools and services on top of the Health-e-Child platform, that will lead to innovative and better healthcare solutions in Europe:
  • Integrated disease models exploiting all available information levels;
  • Database-guided biomedical decision support systems provisioning novel clinical practices and personalised healthcare for children;
  • Large-scale, cross-modality, and longitudinal information fusion and data mining for biomedical knowledge discovery.
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