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What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a popular drug used in neurological, psychotherapeutic practice. This drug belongs to a group of analeptics and has been initially created for the treatment of narcolepsy (a pathological sleepiness). But due to its unusual characteristics, Modafinil is widely used, and now all people including students and militaries take it. But first things first.

Application of Modafinil

We have sorted out how Modafinil acts and due to what processes the activity
of the brain and central nervous system is increased.
And now, let’s find out where these effects will be useful for a human.
Here are the results achieved during the laboratory and field researches of Modafinil.

Modafinil has two options of the application:

  • As a stimulant of the cognitive functions
  • As a medicine for the treatment of narcolepsy

The use of Modafinil creates conditions for the maximal concentration. You may do any important work, without any distractions after the use of a tablet in the morning within 6-8 hours. You will be like in tunnel which leads to a solution of your task. This is the maximal concentration, increased mental abilities, and increase of the psychomotor reactions.

Modafinil Dosage

A high dose of Modafinil dosage (about 400 mg) is needed for that. But it is very important to concentrate on an important task because if you focus your brain incorrectly, you may concentrate on a game and waste your time. You will achieve a success in game but it will not solve more important tasks.

The use of Modafinil as a medicine for the treatment of sleepiness needs a lower dose, about Modafinil 200 mg. For example, you are going to have a restless night, or you have to leave the town and drive all night. Just take a tablet of Modafinil and you will forget about the sleepiness. Attention! Do not take coffee and Modafinil. Curiously enough, the interaction of these stimulants causes a reduction of Modafinil effect. Coffee is an aggressive stimulant of the central nervous system which blocks the positive effects of Modafinil and prevents an improvement of the metabolic processes in the brain.

Who use Modafinil?

Modafinil will do for students. In the western countries, a demand for analeptics is increased during the exams. Just imagine, you may read all day and learn everything before an important exam. All information will be kept in your brain and you will be able to use it. This is a “magical” NZT-48 tablet for the brain.

But even if you are not a student, but you do a mental work, the use of Modafinil will help you to better do a report, collect information for stockholders, remember important numbers and execute a hard work within a short time. Modafinil will do for everybody: lawyers, clerks, economists, trading agents, famous people and brokers.

And now, imagine that you are a chief creative officer, marketing expert, advertising expert, or PR. Just a tablet of Modafinil will open the borders of your mind and create an incredible advertising product.

To be sure, Modafinil is prescribed even militaries. During operations by special forces, Modafinil is an irreplaceable medicine. Militaries may be awake within 2-3 days and have active battle missions without any fatigue, sleepiness and with the maximal concentration.

There is no field of the activity when Modafinil is useless. If there was information that a president or other members of the government took Modafinil, it would not be a surprise. They should be in a good shape 24/7, and just Modafinil will do it.

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