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Thousand people take Modalert every day and state that this medicine has changed their lives. The drug has unique characteristics and contains Modafinil. It causes wakefulness, improves the work of the brain, mood and even enhances a mental alertness. If you notice that your body reacts to the events slowly, and you would like to increase the brain potency, you may take Modalert.

Many people think of their sexual energy, physical energy but they forget about the mental energy. Our brain is responsible for all actions in the body, and if you want all processes be without fails, it is time to take Modalert. The drug will enhance your mental energy and will give an impetus to the development of the sexual and physical energy.

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Drug Name:Modafinil (Modalert, Modvigil…)
Active Ingredient:Modafinil
Tablet Strength:100mg, 200mg
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If a vital situation wants you to be prepare to any surprises, Modalert will give your body the energy and improve the work of the central nervous system and brain. According to the medical classification, Modalert belongs to the psychostimulants but it acts softer. It does not increase the blood pressure and does not cause side effects. It provides a specific action to the centers of wakefulness in the brain, so that the human may better react to events.

You will be surprised but Modalert may control hunger. Unlike dietary pills, it blocks hunger naturally and does not create an additional load to the body. Modalert is magical pills which you take to take the first step in new life and change a lifestyle.

Instruction for the use

A pill of Modalert contains 200 mg of pure Modafinil. This is a one-time therapeutic dose which will cause pleasant wakefulness and increased energy in 2 hours.

If you have never used Modalert, 200 mg of Modalert per day will be enough to feel a therapeutic effect. You may have a light euphoria and a great burst of energy in the first day. If you have already used Modalert, you may take 2 pills of Modalert 200 mg per day (with the interval of 8 hours).

The first pill of Modalert 200 mg should be used in the morning, after breakfast. Take a pill with clear water (or soda). Do not take the pill with juice or milk.

The treatment may take for 1 week to 2-3 months depending on the changes of the body and indications for the use. Do not take pills for more than 3 months. The body should rest, or it may develop a tolerance to the action of Modalert in case of the long-term use.


  • Do not take more than 2 pills of Modalert 200 mg per day. The use of higher doses is often accompanied by dizziness and insomnia.
  • If you took the pill of Modalert in the morning, do not take alcohol. Do not cause an additional load to the central nervous system
  • If you have acute mental disorders, severe depression, or other psychoemotional diseases, consult a psychotherapist before using Modalert
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