Buy Modvigil Online – Modvigil 200MG – Modvigil Tablets USP

Buy Modvigil OnlineModvigil is one of the most stable psychostimulants which is an exact replica of Modalert. These products are developed by the identical chemical formula and contain Modafinil. Million people taking Modvigil and Modalert state that the action of these drugs is similar, and they have similar effects after the use of the pills. The difference is a price of Modvigil (it is cheaper).

Modvigil is produced by one of the largest Indian pharmaceutical companies HAB Pharmaceuticals. This is Generic of high quality which works well for people with low income level. Even if you may afford an expensive brand Modafinil, there is no point to overpay. Many people think, that cheap Modvigil is not bad, and they may buy more pills on saved money.

In spite of the low cost of Modvigil, it works as expensive original pills. It copes with sleepiness and improves memory. According to the results of the studies, Modvigil favors a stable improvement of the cognitive functions.

Modvigil has a different action to every person but most people experience an improvement of memory and attention. Even if your work does not deal with mental activity, Modvigil will help you to quickly solve the everyday issues and easier make important decisions. You will not experience fatigue and restraint, and will forget about stress.

According to the opinion of many doctors, Modvigil may be used only during a pathological sleepiness (narcolepsy), but this is not true. Our brain should receive an additional burst of energy from time to time. There are two methods to receive this energy: to distract from the everyday things and completely get away from it all, or to start taking Modvigil. You will see how your perception will be changed.

Instruction for the use

Modvigil will make your brain think differently and react to events in a different way. But in order to avoid euphoria and other unexpected effects, it is necessary to properly select the daily dose.

A pill of Modvigil 200 mg per day will be enough for many patients. But it is better to begin the treatment from the minimal dose of 100 mg per day. You may take 100 mg of Modvigil per day (1/2 of 200 mg pill) within 3-5 days, and the dose may be gradually increased up to 200 mg.

The Modvigil pills should be used once per day, in the morning, after breakfast. Take a lot of water during the use of the drug (at least 2 liters per day).

The daily dose of Modvigil 200 mg will provide the maximal concentration, an improvement of memory and wakefulness. If the higher doses of Modvigil is used, the effect will grow but this may cause side effects. Do not take more than 200 mg per day to have a stable effect without negative reactions.


  • A patient who takes the drug for the first time may experience dizziness, a change of the blood pressure and even insomnia within the first week. To avoid these symptoms, do not take more than 200 mg per day
  • Do not consume alcohol during the use of Modvigil
  • If you have severe disorders in the work of the cardiovascular system, the use of Modvigil is contraindicated
  • Do not take vegetable/medical stimulants during the use of Modvigil. They may enhance the action and lead to negative side effects in the central nervous system.