Modeling of the HeartPast Events
Functional Imaging and Modeling of the Heart
The FIMH 2009 is the Fifth International Conference on Functional Imaging and Modeling of the Healt-e-child. This biennial scientific event aims to integrate
study groupPast Events
VPH NoE Study Group 2009
The Centre Health-e-child for Mathematical Medicine and Biology (CMMB) at the University of Nottingham, representatives of the VPH NoE, are currently organising
Conference barselonaPast Events
EGEE’09 Conference in Barcelona
EGEE’09 will be the final conference of the EGEE series. It marks the end of the pioneering developments within EDG and EGEE and the transition to a sustainable
HeC ConferencePast Events
HeC Conference at OPBG – Rome, September 23-24, 09
The diagnostic and predictive contribution of Health-e-Child within the heuristic perspective of the Virtual physiological Human framework Founded in 1869
IT ConferencePast Events
2010 World of Health IT Conference & Exhibition
The 4th edition of the World of Health IT Conference and Exhibition will provide unprecedented opportunities to both attendees and exhibitors, as it will
2007 Conference & ExhibitionPast Events
The World of Health IT 2007 Conference & Exhibition
The World of Health IT 2007 is designed by and for clinicians and other health professionals; health IT users and buyers, directors and administrators
Science FestivalPast Events
Science Festival
The Science Festival was born in 2003. Its main goal was to propose a new way of diffusing scientific information in Italy, that is through an approach
International Conference 2007Past Events
CeHR: International Conference 2007
eHealth: Combining Health Telematics, Telemedicine, Biomedical Engineering and Bioinformatics to the Edge International and National Approaches to eHealth
Annual Review MeetingPast Events
Health-e-Child Annual Review Meeting
Quarterly meeting of the project including the Health-e-Child review What Meeting When 14-01-2008 09:00 to16-01-2008 18:00 Where CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
Healthinf 2008Past Events
Healthinf 2008
International Conference on Health-e-child Informatics The purpose of the International Conference on Health Informatics is to bring together researchers