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Workshop on Information Integration in Healthcare Applications (IIHA)

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Call for Papers

EDBT 2006 –
Workshop on Information Integration in Healthcare Applications (IIHA)
Munich, Bavaria, Germany, March 26, 2006

in cooperation with

10. International Conference on Extending Database Technology
Munich, Germany, March 26-30, 2006


Healthcare information systems continuously have to be adapted to new
requirements,standards, laws, etc. Cost pressure is massively
increasing, and at the same time, system complexity is growing. This
constantly changing environment is also characterized by highly
interdisciplinary processes which depend on timely providing patient
related information at the point of care in order to prevent medical
errors. In addition, medical knowledge should be provided in a way
that enables effective decision support for clinicians. Huge amounts
of data with increasingly complex data structures are created in the
course of this process, and legacy systems have to be integrated. The
core challenge is to establish flexible and responsive IT
infrastructures that are capable of effectively adapting to changing

The Health-e-child Information integration thus is a key factor for healthcare
applications, as most medical applications are determined by a huge
variety of heterogeneous and independent health care institutions
that have to share data. The continuity of medical processes has to
be improved, and medical pathways will play an important role as
integration backbone within institutions and across institutional

In order to ensure efficient and high-quality patient treatment, data
have to be exchanged between participating systems in a consistent and
appropriate way. In order to avoid information overflow and to ensure
that the right information is available at the right place and right
point in time, an effective method to organize the flow of information
is needed. Various aspects have to be considered in order to support
health care professionals in their clinical routine work. In addition,
scientists need support for their (distributed) research.

—Topics of Interest—

According to the banner theme of this EDBT conference “From Database
Systems to Universal Data Management” this workshop will focus on all
topics which support information integration in healthcare applications.
One focal point will be on process related methods and techniques.

The topic of the workshop include, but are not limited to:

* Data Management in Medicine/Health Care Environments
* Scientific/Medical Workflow Management
* Data Integration in Health Care
* Support of Clinical/Medical Pathway Execution
* Information Flow Management for Integrated Clinical Processes
* Medical Information/Knowledge Management
* Medical Process/Pathway Modelling
* Clinical vocabularies, Domain Models and Ontologies
* Standards based Information Integration
* Data Integration across Institutional Borders
* Embedding IT support into Clinical Workpractice


Papers should be submitted in pdf or postscript format (format
according to LNCS style) via the workshop website. The paper length
should not exceed 12 pages.
Selected papers will be published as post-workshop proceedings in the
LNCS series by Springer.

—Important Dates—

Deadline for submission: December 02, 2005
Notification to authors: January 20, 2006
Camera ready version: February 10, 2006
Workshop (Munich): March 26, 2006

—Program Committee—

* Wolfgang Deiters (FhG ISST,
Dortmund, Germany)
* Evelyn Hovenga (School of Information Systems,
Central Queensland University, Australia)
* Stan Huff (Intermountain Health Care,
Salt Lake City, USA)
* Stefan Jablonski (Chair for Database Systems,
Univ. Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany)(Chair)
* Klaus Kuhn (Chair for Medical Informatics,
TU Muenchen, Germany)
* Richard Lenz (Institute of Medical Informatics,
Univ. Marburg, Germany)
* Christian Lovis (Service of Medical Informatics,
Univ. Hospitals of Geneva, Switzerland)
* John Mantas (Health Informatics Lab,
Univ. of Athens, Greece)
* Sascha Mueller (Chair for Database Systems,
Univ. of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany)(Organization)
* Manfred Reichert (Information Systems Group,
Univ. of Twente, The Netherlands)

—Contact Address—

Stefan Jablonski, Workshop Chair,
Univ. of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany)

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