Description About H-e-C

Vertical integration of information across biomedical abstraction, including all layers of biomedical information (i.e., genetic, cell, tissue, organ, individual, and population layer) to provide a unified view of a person’s biomedical and clinical condition is the corner stone of the HeC project.

Like most activities in society today, medical practice as well as research is intimately dependent on information technology. 

From DNA sequencing to laboratory testing and epidemiological analysis, clinicians and researchers produce as well as search for information, as part of their daily routine and decision making. Taking advantage of technology has improved dramatically the quality of these activities’ results, facilitating better health-care provision and more advanced biomedical research.  Nevertheless, the current state of affairs is still severely restricted with respect to the kind of information that is available to clinicians.

None of the current long-term targets of the field, e.g., personalised medical care, distributed medical teams, multidisciplinary biomedical research, etc. can be realised given the present level of technology support.

Health-e-Child comes to fill the gap between what is current practice and the needs of modern health provision and research. 
Its goal is to eventually overcome all five of the above constraints of today’s systems and empower clinicians to further advance their profession.
Ultimately, with the Health-e-Child system, information will have no conceptual, logical, physical, temporal, or personal borders or barriers, but will be available to all professionals with the appropriate level of clearance.

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