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Euronews video News

EuroNews – the European 24-hour information network – asked the possibility to make clinical and IT filming of HeC prototypes, with a special focus on heart diseases in view of the World Heart Day, September 2009.

Working on a TV documentary on latest European research on biomedicine to provide preventive healthcare to EU citizens, EuroNews Television decided to focus the report on Health-e-Child research project. The report,a coproduction between EuroNews and the European Commission, will be aired for a whole week June 22 to June 24 (22 times)- in the award-winning program Futuris on European science and research. It will be broadcast to 130 countries in EuroNews´ eight broadcasting languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, Portuguese and Arabic). The report will also be translated and broadcast in Turkish, Japanese and Chinese in different public TVs in Turkey, Japan and China. A special broadcasting has also been scheduled for september 25th, for the World Heart Day

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