Health-e-Child at the Large Hadron Collider “Grid Fest”

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To coincide with the opening of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at Cern in October 2009, grid-enthusiasts

gathered – physically and virtually – from around the world for a special event: GridFest, to celebrate the success of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid. Understandably, physics was the protagonist on the scene, but the more than 250 attendees inside the CERN Globe also witnessed the importance of a wide range of applications from a host of disciplines. And thanks to its collaboration with the EGEE community (based at CERN) and the project’s successful implementation of the EGEE grid middleware e-Lite, Health-e-Child was the only invited demonstration of a grid-based platform applied to medical sciences.

During the course of the event the Health-e-Child project was selected to form part of the events Virtual Tour. The YouTube clip can be found here.

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