HEALTHGRID 2008 – Chicago, USA

award HEALTHGRID Awards

The HealthGrid conference is the premier conference on the transformation of biomedical research, education and medical care through the application of Grid technologies. HealthGrid is dedicated to: a. Enhancing biomedical research and healthcare delivery; b. Creating an open collaborative virtual community; c. Communicating the collective knowledge of the Health-e-child community HealthGrid is an interdisciplinary community of computer scientists, physicians, medical educators and students, epidemiologists, bioinformatics and medical informatics experts, military medicine specialists, security and policy makers, economists and futurists.

In addition to co-sponsoring with the FP6 project SHARE, in conjunction with HealthGrid, a workshop entitled “Users’ Requirements, Data Integration and Archiving in Healthgrids: A comparison of International Experiences”, HeC also had a very pleasant surprise when, following its “accidental” entrance in an awards contest, it came away with the HealthGrid08 Award for best poster and demonstration. 

Live Cardiology Demonstration
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