HeC Help for Clinicians

The Health-e-Child Learning Objects (LO) are produced by University of West England with the assistance of Lynkeus and the collaboration of the Technical Partners Maat-G Knowledge, University of Athens, Siemens in conjunction with the hosting support of the European Genetics Foundation. The LO are designed to be utilised by clinical and technical staff involved in the project and also as a support for the direct training activities. Topics covered by LO so far are the application and characteristics of the electronic identity used to access the HeC platform (via a USB stick), other primary HeC application (Case reasoner, Similarity search, Heat Map, Tree Maps and AITION) and the general presentation of the project. DISCLAIMER: all the available LO are intellectual products owned by the Healt-e-Child Consortium, therefore their usability is prevented to the general public by means of personal account access provided under specific request by the portal administrator (the European Genetics Foundation). Only project partners are allowed to dispose of username and password for watching the videos.

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The HeC Leaning ObjectsAlessandro SattaninoLink18-06-2010 13:20