ICT08 Posters

ICT08 Posters About H-e-C

At the ICT08 conference which was held in Brussels in November the consortium produced three posters to supplement the live demonstration which won the award for the best exhibition.

The first poster gave the viewer a brief outline of the objectives of the project and the disease areas. 

The second poster gave an outline the gLite based Grid infrastructure which has supported the production and development environment for Health-e-Child, the Services-Orientated Architecture and the client base of the platform.

The third poster gave a visual outline of Health-e-Child’s clinical applications, including disease modelling, similarity searching and retrieval, data visualisation, knowledge discovery, feature extraction and patient browsing and management.

For further information about the consortiums exhibition at ICT08 including higher resolution pdf copies of the posters and external press reports please visit the ICT08 – Best Exhibition award page. 

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