Strategy- About H-e-C

The activities and outcome of the Health-e-Child will have substantial impacts in:

  • Strategy: Enhancing the level and quality of medical services offered in Europe and will significantly advance medical research, beyond what is traditionally possible and improvement of the competitiveness in the area of medical service provision and will facilitate the adoption of new policies in member state.
  • Technology: Bringing forward information-based medical technology and integration of mostly separate areas, i.e., vertical information integration, advanced medical querying, Grid infrastructures, disease modelling, medical imaging, knowledge discovery and data mining, and decision support.
  • Society and economy: Improvement of the success rate in resolving difficult medical cases, saving children’s lives. Furthermore, such improved medical decision making will often result in lowering medical cost and/or treatment duration.

To ensure its impact, the Health-e-Child project will carry out various networking activities, beyond the provision of the system and its underlying research. An important part of the networking activities as well as of the general project strategy will be the establishment of strong liaisons with other national and international research initiatives. Added value will be achieved by carrying out the project at a broad European level.

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