Limitless Pill – NZT-48 – What is Сommon with Modafinil?

Modafinil Informational

NZT-48 – God Mode

Would you like to have a super-power? For example, an abnormal memory and maximum concentration? You will probably say “yes”. But may will say that it is impossible. Even if the cognitive abilities are developed since childhood, a limit will happen sooner or later.

There is an assumption that the human brain does not work for 100%. Various information is met in various sources. Some scientists state that the human brain works just for 5-6%, others say 10%, and the progressive people are able to use 20% of the brain. In fact, there is a grain of truth in all these statements.

Limitless Movie

A movie Limitless was made about a magical pill NZT-48. This pills stimulated the concealed abilities of the brain and opened a world for the human. After this movie, NZT-48 has become very popular, but it does not exist.

NZT-48 was specially invented to show the abilities of the brain activated by certain chemical ingredient. Using NZT-48 a human could learn language within a short period, develop mathematical and analytical abilities, solve difficult tasks, make decisions in a short period. Under the action of NZT-48, you would have super-power, your brain would quickly process information and use it for its purposes. Even if you saw or heard something some time, NZT-48 would make your brain to recollect it and use it as needed.

In fact, the appearance of NZT-48 would cause an excitement and a great demand for this medicine. Every person would like to have the advantages before others and activate the concealed brain functions. But NZT-48 would not be developed soon. And here is a reason. If you watched the movie, you probably know that the characters had severe side effects after the finished action of the pill. These side effects are reasonable because the brain is not able to work non-stop, 365 days. Sooner or later, the human will have a breakdown and severe disorders. These facts stop most people, and they perhaps will not try NZT-48.

And now, let us imagine that a drug acting like NZT-48 has entered the market and been licensed and passed medical studies, and it almost does not cause side effects. You do not know but such medicine already exists.

Analogue of NZT-48

Modafinil is an analogue of NZT-48 which has been developed for the medical purposes. If NZT-48 was developed to increase the higher functions of the brain, Modafinil has been initially developed for the treatment of the pathological sleepiness. Only in several years, scientists have found out that Modafinil has unique characteristics and is able to increase the cognitive functions.

Modafinil acts like NZT-48. It also influences on the motion of the electric impulses in the brain, stimulates the production of the chemical ingredients responsible for the higher brain functions and improves a nutrition of the brain tissues. It all helps to increase the working ability and make a human more concentrated.

But unlike NZT-48, Modafinil is completely safe. It is surprisingly but FDA has approved Modafinil and even recommend it patients with many disorders (attention deficit disorder, multiple sclerosis, mental disorders, and others).

Modafinil does not cause a medical addiction. And if people had side effects after the use of NZT-48, it will not happen with Modafinil.

A high pharmacological safety does not allow to achieves such results as during the use of NZT-48. It is a fact. You are not able to learn a foreign language in a month just due to Modafinil. But a general working capacity of the brain is increased. Every human feels the action of Modafinil in a different way, because everybody has various purposes, goals and a development of the brain. But in general, if you want to obtain new skills, or cope with difficult tasks, Modafinil is what you need.

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