Modafinil Side Effects and What You Need to Know

The American psychiatrist James J. McGough assumes that employers would prefer employees who take cognitive boosters including Modafinil. “Any chief would like to have a Hulk-employee who would work 16 hours and would not let down.”

This loud statement has its grounds because a human is able to work longer, faster and more effectively under the action of Modafinil. But won’t employers regret their choice? Any psychostimulant, even the safest one has side effects. After a “burst” of the mental abilities, a recession happens.

In order to find this out, it is necessary to know how often the side effects appear during the use of Modafinil and how dangerous they are for a human.

Most scientists state that Modafinil is safer than all known psychostimulants. This is really so. It does not cause a medical addiction (during the proper application) and does not cause complications of the mental/cardiovascular diseases.


Scientists from Harvard and Oxford have called Modafinil “the first safe smart-drug in the world”. They assume that if it is used for a short period, a risk will be low. But it is impossible to find real statistics of those who take the drug (people do not confess to taking doping). Even if it is safe. But there is still data about the pharmacological safety of Modafinil.

There is data that about 30% of people taking Modafinil face headaches. When the drug stops acting, a short-term headache of different intensity occurs. This side effect is peculiar to many medical products but it cannot be ignored. Therefore, if you are not afraid of headache, you may start taking Modafinil.

Modafinil activates the hidden abilities of the body. the brain works non-stop, 24/7. Thus, it cannot last forever. Cachexia may occur during a long-term use of Modafinil. Lack of sleep and energetic exhaustion may lead to psychoses, neuroses, and other psychoemotional disorders. That is why, if you need a doping for the brain, bear in mind that the brain should rest.

Also the use of Modafinil may be accompanied by diarrhea, anxiety, high blood pressure, and dizziness. But all these side effects are temporal and usually pass during the lowered dose.

A real negative side effect of Modafinil is allergic reactions. As Modafinil lowers the level of histamine, the body becomes helpless and cannot resist the allergic reaction. Well, it resists, so that acute reactions may happen: skin rash, urticaria, itching, edema of limbs, tongue, face, and skin flaking. If your body is sensitive to the action of allergens and you are not sure that the use of Modafinil may cause an acute reaction, it is better to refuse from the use of the drug. Allergy may occur suddenly and in any form. So, if you noticed rash, itching, or edema after the use of the pills, seek for a medical aid right away.

In general, if the dosage regimen of Modafinil is controlled, and the body reaction is followed, it is possible to avoid severe side effects. And if employers need a person who works 24/7, they would not be happy to see their workers with headache and allergy. All leaves its marks. If you decided to take Modafinil, be careful.