Siemens Corporate Responsibility Award

Siemens Award Awards

In 2007 Health-e-Child was a finalist for the Siemens Corporate Responsibility Award.

The Siemens Responsibility Award honours employees and teams who draw special attention to Siemens’ responsibility to society and the environment. The competition Health-e-child, which debuted in 2007 and focuses on solutions to social problems, attracted 182 teams from 35 countries, attesting to a great wealth of ideas and an enormous social and commercial potential. The teams from various countries and backgrounds employed different approaches in utilizing Siemens solutions, expertise, networks and partnerships to develop practical solutions and programs.

Professors Giacomo Pongiglione (left) and Alberto Martini

Five of the entries submitted for consideration for the 2007 Siemens Corporate Responsibility Award made it into the final, critical round, and one of these was the HeC team from Erlangen (DE) In October 2007, the finalists presented their projects to the Company’s executive management at the Siemens Business Conference in Berlin with Siemens CEO Peter Löscher personally presenting the award. In recognition of their work on developing a European information platform for hospitals, research institutes and companies to share their diagnostic and therapeutic knowledge, the team, led by HeC Coordinator Jörg Freund and HeC Technical Coordinator Martin Huber, received a prize of €10,000, in order to support, continue and further develop their project.

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