Vision About H-e-C

The vision is for the Health-e-Child system to become the universal biomedical knowledge repository and communication conduit for the future, a common vehicle by which all clinicians will access, analyze, evaluate, enhance, and exchange biomedical information of all forms.
It will be an indispensable tool in their daily clinical practice, decision making, and research.
It will be accessible at any time and from anywhere, and will offer a friendly, multi-modal, efficient, and effective interaction and exploration environment.

Clearly, any effort towards this vision requires significant change in the biomedical information management strategies of the past, with respect to functionality, operational environment, and other aspects.

Contrary to current practice, the vision requires that the Health-e-Child system be characterised by the following:

  • Universality of information: handle “all” relevant medical applications and manage “all” forms of biomedical content.
  • Person-centricity of information: synthesise all available information about each person in a cohesive whole.
  • Universality of application: comprehensively capture “all” aspects of “all” biomedical phenomena, diseases, and human clinical behaviours.
  • Multiplicity and variety of biomedical analytics: provide a rich and broad collection of sophisticated analysis and modelling techniques to address the great variety of specialised needs of its applications.
  • Person-centricity of interaction: The primary concern of any user interaction with Health-e-Child should be the persons involved.
  • Globalness of distributed environment: be a widely distributed system, through which biomedical information sources across the world get interconnected to exchange and integrate their contents.
  • Genericity of technology: For economy of scale, reusability, extensibility, and maintainability, Health-e-Child should be developed on top of standard, generic infrastructures that provide all common data and computation management services required.

With respect to medical applications, Health-e-Child focuses on paediatrics, and in particular, on some carefully selected representative diseases in three different categories: paediatric heart diseases, inflammatory diseases, and brain tumours.

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